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Our line of work is the documentation of and the education about the law and the legal reality in german prisons.

What we do

Consulting, Education, Commitment

Pro Bono Legal Advice

We provide voluntary written legal advice by students and lawyers for inmates in prisons, pre-trial detention and forensic psychiatric institutions. Our work includes answering letters from prisoners about legal issues.


The Prison Archive is dedicated to the legal reality in prisons. Besides collecting legal documents, court decisions, and legal and criminological literature, we also also carry out research projects about the prison system.


The understanding of being imprisoned, conveyed through correspondence with different inmates, flows into teaching at various universities (FH Dortmund, University of Bremen, University of Hamburg) as well as into scientific publications and legal policy disputes.


In our Blog we will inform about developments in legal/criminal policy, about new court decisions, recent research and other topics regarding imprisonment

To join the Workshop please sign via Link: https://www.fh-dortmund.de/termine/are-convicts-better-criminologists.php Click Link below to download Image as PDF File: Convict_Criminology_Verurteilte_und_ehemalige_Gefangene_als_KriminologInnen  
Manifesto for Penal Abolitionism
This Manifesto was published in German for a German audience in November 2019. It goes back to a manifesto publshed by Livio Ferrari and Massimo Pavarini (No Prison Manifesto (http://noprison.eu; in seven languages). We felt, however, that the criminal justice systems...
Myths about Criminal Policy
33 Myths about crimes and people who commit them I. On offences and perpetrator persons 1. To kill someone has always been a crime 2. Prisons have been there forever 3. Thanks to the media, we know that there is a lot of crime 4. The big criminals are monsters 5....

“There doesn’t have to be punishment,
certainly no imprisonment.”

Who we are

The following people participate in our work

Johannes Feest

Professor in Retirement

Christine Graebsch

Professor at Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts

Sven-U. Burkhardt

Lawyer and visiting Professor at Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts

Christina Lederer


Tim Kämper


Melanie Schorsch

Research Assistant

Natalie Ozimek

Responsible for the processing of incoming and outgoing mail

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